Oct 26, 2010

Nokia N8 Review

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Nokia recently introduced its latest Smartphone - Nokia N8 which is the ultimate one from the company. This is for the first time after N97, a Nokia Smartphone is discussed and reviewed. The Nokia N8 Symbian Smartphone recently launched in India too and now we Tech World is reviewing the Nokia N8 smartphone. Nokia N8 is considered to be the most featured handset and the perfect competor to the Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Evo 4G and Sony Ericsson X10 Smartphones.

Nokia N8 is the first mobile smartphone to feature a 12 Megapixel camera with which it offers a great picturizing experience. It is also the first smartphone to be run on the Symbian 3 platform. Here are the detailed review of the Nokia N8 smartphone which comprises Nokia N8 design review, Nokia N8 performance review, Nokia N8 software review, nokia n8 battery review and Nokia N8 multimedia review.

Nokia N8 Smartphone Design Review

As per the first look, Nokia N8 has got an impressive design and classic look. It has a perfect smooth and shiny finish. The Nokia N8 smartphone is built on anodized aluminium which offers better strength and rigidity along with premium look and feel. It has got a vibrant colour with shiny appearance. The main design highlight is that it is designed with unremovable parts so that user can't remove any of the Nokia N8 parts. The battery of the smartphone is also sealed inside the case with Torx screws. Nokia offers the N8 smartphone in silver, black, green, orange and blue colors.

Generally Nokia phones will have many buttons in the front side, but in case of Nokia N8 there was only one button at the bottom of the front and features a big 3.5-inch touchscreen. The display is surrounded by a thin glossy metal rim. The phone has got volume control buttons, sliding screen lock button and the camera shutter button on the right side of the panel. At the same time, it features SIM card slot, microSD card slot along with the USB slot on the left side.


On the bottom of the smartphone, there is the charging port and microphone which is placed below the display. Bottom portion also features the device info, such as model number, type and FCC ID etc. On the top portion, there exists the Power button, headphone jack, and the HDMI port for connecting the phone to HDTV. On the backside, the phone features the fully loaded 12 Megapixel camera module which consists of xenon flash, the lens, loudspeaker and the second microphone(for video recording).

Nokia N8 Smartphone Display

Nokia N8 smartphone sports a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen display supporting a resolution of 640X360 pixels and outputs maximum of 16 million colors. The smartphone has a bigger screen compared to other smartphones of this range. This 3.5-inch display comes with the best scratch resistance protection with Gorilla glass. The Nokia N8 screen offers excellent quality output. Evenif it is an AMOLED screen, it offers good quality output under sunlight. Nokia N8 is the company's second mobile to feature capacitive touchscren display. The screen has a better touch response along with support to the multitouch feature which enables the user to soom the pictures, webpages very easily.

Nokia N8 Symbian Smartphone Software and Applications

It is the first smartphone to feature the latest Symbian ^3 platform. The Symbain ^3 is better than never before even if it can't match other operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. The number of applications as of now are also limited and although there is a decent number of them to start off with you don't have too many to choose from right now.

Nokia N8 Smartphone Connectivity Review

The smartphone features quad band GSM support, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth v3.0, A-GPS and USB 2.0 with USB On-the-Go support. Also it is the first phone to support five band HSDPA. With these connectivity option, the nokia n8 smartphone offers better call quality and high speed data transfer. The phone also has a built-in FM transmitter, which is powerful enough to be used in a car. With the USB On-the-Go feature, users are allowed to connect USB flash drives directly to the phone with the provided adaptor. With this feature, exteranal hard-drives and printers can also be connected directly and quickly to the phone.

Nokia N8 Smartphone Multimedia Performance

Nokia N8 smartphone is the phone which will have the best camera - 12 Megapixel now in the market. With the 12 MP camera, Full HD video recording is possible. Another important highlight of Nokia N8 is the HDMI-output with which the phone can output 720p video out along with 5.1 channel out. The N8 comes with support to Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. The N8 supports DivX and Xvid playback out of the box up to 720p resolution.

While coming to the Music Player, it features better music player with manual equalizers and more file supports. The audio quality on the N8 is fabulous and the phone can go really loud as well. At the same time, the earphone shipping with the smartphone is also of good quality and has built-in controls for the music player along with volume control and the customary call pickup button.

Nokia N8 Battery Life

Nokia N8 smartphone comes equipped with a 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery which offers a battery life of one-and-a half-day on a full charge on moderate usage. This included a few calls, plenty of photographs, including those taken with a xenon flash, about an hour of video and music playback each, web browsing on EDGE as well as Wi-Fi for couple of hours and half an hour of each of GPS and FM radio usage. It is really nice to have one and a half day battery backup because most of the smartphone will have below one day battery backup.

Nokia N8 Symbian ^3 Smartphone verdict

Nokia N8 is a sturdy smartphone with a brilliant camera, good multimedia performance, Superb build and finish, good quality scratch resistant display, stellar camera for a mobile phone, excellent connectivity features, HDMI-out with 5.1 audio, USB On-the-Go support, 16GB memory plus microSD slot and a decent battery life. To own a smartphone with the above features at a price of Rs.26,259 is nice. The only prolem with the phone is the outdated symbian platform and if it is Android or Windows 7 then it will be far better.

Nokia N8 Smartphone comes packed with Charger, Headset, USB Cable, USB On-the-Go adaptor, HDMI adaptor and User Guide. Anyway Nokia N8 will be the best phone nokia has ever made and one of the best touchscreen smartphone now available in the market. So After N97 , nokia is again entering into the real competition.

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