Sep 18, 2010

Apple to launch new iOS 4.2 for ipad, iphone and ipod touch

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The most sensational news that hits the worldwide market is that the Apple is all set to launch their new iOS 4.2, which is created specifically for the iPad, iphones and ipod touch. This new software, successor to iOS 4.1 will be available in the market very soon.

This new Apple iOS 4.2 will come with all features available in iOS 4.1 and also AirPlay with wireless printing. With the help of AirPlay one can Stream videos as well as photos on the iPad to the new Apple TV and then Watch on the big screen.

Also the updated version of the current software, Apple iOS 4.1 is now available at the market. It features a new HDR in the iPhone 4 that can be used for taking pictures. Also this new iOS 4.1 let users upload HD videos by means of WI-FI and offers TV show rentals. Also the update comes with Game Center.

Just wait until this November for the upcoming Apple iOS 4.2

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