Sep 18, 2010

Dell introduced new hybrid Inspiron DUO netbook/tablet - Features and Details

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Dell, one of the world's largest laptop manufacturers has launched a new hybrid netbook which is named as Dell Inspiron DUO. The hybrid Dell Inspiron DUO tablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch screen that you can turn into a touchscreen tablet. As the display is attached to a frame, you are able to flip it inwards as well as outwards. It is still unknown whether the display is supportive to multitouch.

This new hybrid Dell Inspiron DUO netbook/tablet integrates an Intel Atom N500 series microprocessor and is based on Windows 7 Premium. It also integrates a 1.5GHz dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor and is based on Windows 7 Premium OS. The device offers 2GB of memory as well as 160GB or 250GB HDD for storage.

This new product will get into the market later by this year and still pricing details are not yet known. Lenovo too has rolled out a hybrid netbook/tablet, known as the IdePad U1 in last January. Now it should be noted whether which brand is going to make into the market first and how it will inspire the market.

No pricing details of Dell Hybrid DUO netbook is available now.

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