Sep 17, 2010

AMD ATI FirePro V9800 Professional Graphics Card - Features and Reviews

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AMD unveiled its latest FirePro series graphics card - ATI FirePro V9800 which is designed for professional use. The new AMD ATI FirePro V9800 graphics card is said to be the powerful graphics card ever created by the company. AMD V9800 graphics card features 1600 stream processors and 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

The AMD ATI FirePro V9800 comes with ATI Eyefinity technology with which it supports upt0 6 monitors at the same time. For conecting six monitors the graphics card features six Mini DisplayPorts. Other features of AMD ATI FirePro V9800 graphics card includes OpenGL 4.0, and support for stereo 3D capability, supporting active shutter glasses via the on-board 3-pin connector and it sports hardware acceleration and DirectX 11 graphics.

The new DirectX 11 AMD V9800 graphics card uses the PCI Express 2.1 x16 interface and the AMD offers the new ATI FirePro V9800 professional graphics card at a price of $3499.

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