Oct 19, 2011

Elecom DATA Clip and DATA Hook USB Flash Drives Review and Features

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Elecom, the Japan manufacturers introduced the new DATA Clip MF-CLU2 and DATA Hook MF-HKU2 USB flash drives by joining hands with the design house nendo. These new flash drives comes designed in a shape of a paper clip and a carabiner respectively. Both these Elecom DATA Clip and DATA Hook USB Flash Drives will be available in 4GB capacity.

As per the reports, the new USB flash drive will comes available in black, white, red, green and blue colors. It also equips the advanced PASS(Password Authentication Security System) and PASS x AES technology which offers better protection to your files and personal data. It comes with support to windows, unix and Mac OS.

Elecom DATA Clip and DATA Hook USB Flash Drives Specifications and Features
  • Platform: with USB interface, Windows 7 (including SP1) / Vista (SP1 ~ SP2) / XP (SP3) Windows PC running, 
  • Mac OS X (10.4/10.5/10.6) Mac running
  • Interface: The maximum transfer rate USB2.0/1.1 ■: Power 480Mbps ■: bus-powered USB connection
  • Security Features: PASS (Password Authentication Security System) [security software with automatic password authentication function] ※ one 
  • PASS (Password Authentication Security System) × AES 256bit [Security Password encryption software with automatic authentication feature] ※ 1 · ※ 2
  • Size: 2.5mm ■ mass 55.4 × depth 12 × height Width: 2g approx.
  • 1: Available by free download from our Web site.
  • 2: Use a USB flash drive encryption memory area. 

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