Nov 19, 2010

iPod Shuffle Accessories:Elecom Actrail EHP-SPNBS01 “Wireless” Headphones

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Elecom is a japan based company which is well know for its iPod accessories. Last day Elecom comes with its lates iPod accessory which is a wireless headphone for the shuffle and will comes available under the model name Elecom Actrail EHP-SPNBS01. This new Elecom Actrail EHP-SPNBS01 headphones are designed for the exclusive use with iPod shuffles only.

Elecom Actrail EHP-SPNBS01 is a neck round headphone which has 30mm sound drivers, offering 20-20,000hz frequency response and 32ohm impedance. As it is a wireless technology almost all will think that it uses either wireless technology or bluetooth wireless, but the actual fact is that the iPod shuffle can directly plug to the right earpiece of the headphones.

Elecom Actrail EHP-SPNBS01 “Wireless” Headphones will comes available in pink and grey colors. This new wireless iPod shuffle headphones will be available at a price of 4200 Yen.

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