Aug 31, 2010

Microsoft with a new mobile OS, Windows Phone 7

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One of the most interesting news that comes out by this time is that the software giant Microsoft is now all set to launch their much buzzed platform – Windows Phone 7. Microsoft had also announced its official handset partners at the Windows Phone 7 mobile OS launch – Dell, Asus, LG, HTC, and Samsung.

This latest OS from Microsoft is expected to reach the market by the next month. Some of the main features of this OS is extremely attractive, smooth as well as slick. The company has added a lot of things that can be found on IOS and Android. Microsoft has also included a 3D-like effect specifically for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft with their latest Windows Phone 7 devices are now all set to challenge the products from Apple. It should be said that the success of iPhone is seen in its user interface as well as App store that are easy to use. As for Windows Phone 7, it is enabled with a UI, which is straightforward as well as quick compared to Apple’s offering.

Windows Phone 7 comes with a smooth Office integration. Microsoft did the right thing, i.e. anything that is typed on a computer you can edit with Windows Phone 7. Almost all software and applications on Windows Phone 7 are cloud-connected with photos, contacts as well as home screens that are constantly updating.

The other interesting thing related with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is that the LG Mobile officials had confirmed that a cell phone, the Apollo may get launched as early as September in 2010. This means that LG may be the first manufacturer to introduce the first Windows Phone 7 Series handset in the market.

More details about this new handset featuring Windows Phone 7 awaited..

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