Jul 7, 2010

Audi Q1 to hit Indian markets soon....

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German luxury car manufacturer Audi is planning to launch their D+ segment SUV Q1 in India soon. Q1 is premium segment SUV which is slightly smaller compared to its elder brother Q5. Audi Q1 is a very gracious, even genial five passenger vehicle and new generation SUV which represents the right combination of inventive technologies and qualities like comfort and style.

Audi Q1 can be called as a opulent crossover, or small luxury SUV which is based greatly on the Audi A1 sedan. Q1 will be available on Indian roads by the end of this year. Compared to all other vehicles of Audi, Q1 is slightly less powered and conveniently priced. Audi Q1 offers all the snob value and luxurious features of its premium SUV s, Audi Q5 and Q7 in a much more manageable and less environmentally-offensive package. Audi Q1 is a compact SUV that can be handled like a hatchback, it's colossal grip over the road, solid body control and nicely weighted steering, offers more fun in driving that you will not get in any other car in this segment. Audi Q1 got the sporty look and there is a plenty room for five adults and still room for luggage. Audi Q1 features a modern shield grille that dominates the front-end styling, and it gives it a very attractive face.

Audi Q1 is powered by a 1.6 TDi Diesel engine which can offer a maximum power of 120 bhp and maximum torque of 198 Nm. In India Q1 will be priced between Rs.25 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs. Even though the price, 28 lakhs rupees is slightly higher for a 120 bhp vehicle, the title "Audi's SUV" compensates it.

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gaurav sharma said...

Audi Q1 is a german made luxurious car...it is a fantastic cars & look very sexy..launching to indian market


Anonymous said...

best for the young traveller....

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