Jun 11, 2010

Honda City Diesel India Review

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At last Honda City diesel is coming. The main reason for many people to dislike Honda's vehicles is that there is no diesel variant. Honda's explanation for this is they cannot compensate power of their vehicles. If they try to make diesel variants with same power, prices will be eye watering. Even then City and Civic cleared our roads. Now the time has come, Honda is going to introduce diesel variants of City and CR-V in India. Price of this new diesel City is around 11 lakh rupees, a little more than the petrol version. The main thing is that Honda India is keeping quiet about the power of this vehicle. It will be most probably less than the petrol engine.

The new diesel City may arrive India by Aug 2010. The only difference between this new City diesel and old petrol variant will be in engine only. All other features may remain the same.

It is sure that diesel variants of such 'best in class' sedans like City will be a great success, Honda is improving their City(petrol version) plants in India so that they can produce 1.5 Lt. diesel vehicles also from there.

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Chelsea FC True Blue said...

People don't dislike Honda. Honda is one of the premium brands offering world class cars in India. Why would anyone dislike that?

Owning a diesel car is worse than killing yourself. A diesel car easily shows that you are trying to save money and is probably stingy.

Anonymous said...

Diesel is where more innovation is happening these days. With advancements in variable geometry turbines, common rail injection diesel engines have become smaller and much quieter. Diesel engines have a flat torque and hence you have shift gears in city traffic like you do in petrol cars. Diesel is also much safer in event of accident as it doesn't produce fumes that catch fire. Despite the initial higher cost, I would argue it is still worth considering a diesel engine. You could still run you diesel car with bio-diesel in case Saudi refuses to sell us petrol!

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