Apr 5, 2010

LG LX9900 and LX6900 LED-backlight 3D HDTVs

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LG recently introduced passive 3D HDTVs and now the company updates the HDTV lineup with LX9900 and LX6900 series LED-backlit 3D HDTVs. Both the LX9900 and LX6900 series HDTV gets ultra slim design and is designed based on the active shutter 3D technology.

LG LX9900 LED-backlit 3D HDTVs comes available in two models - 55-inch 55LX9900 and 47-inch 47LX9900 which gets 960 LED lights and 864 LED lights respectively. The LG LX9900 3D HDTV features include 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI 1.4 and TruMotion 400Hz. It is just 1 cm thick.

At the same time, the LX6900 3D HDTV from LG features 8,000,000:1 Dynamic contrast ratio, 200Hz TruMotion and gets Edge LED-backlight and 2.93cm thick. Both these HDTV's features integrated sensor, FreeView HD TV tuner, built-in invisible 10Wx2 speakers, and comes with support to NetCast services, Wireless AV Link,DLNA and Eco Folwer.

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