Jul 22, 2009

Sony WALKMAN NWZ-W202 Vs Apple iPod Shuffle

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Comparison of Sony W202 with Apple iPod Shuffle

Sony recently launched its first W series Walkman Mp3 player NWZ-W202. It is designed by building the MP3 player inside the headphones. Sony NWZ-W202 player comes with a storage of 2GB and the company says that it is the perfect solution for the issues arised due to the problem of RF and Bluetooth.

Apple ipod Shuffle is one of the great player and is designed for the fitness freaks and now sony is also comes with walkman player for these users. Now with the introduction of New Sony NWZ-W202 , the competition became tougher and sony NWZ-W202 is one of the perfect walkman player to compete with the Apple iPod Shuffle.

While comparing with these two mp3 players, iPod Shuffle has a 4 GB internal memory while the W202 has a 2 GB built-in memory. The Shuffle comes with a standard pair of earphones with the controls built-in to it while Sony NWZ-W202 comes with inbuilt earphones. While comparing Audio quality ,the Sony wlakman player is better than theApple iPod Shuffle with the high quality earphones. Due to the built-in controls you cannot change the earphones as well while the sony W202 on the other hand you don't have to worry about any other earphones.

Both the players comes with easy controls. But the VoiceOver feature of the Apple iPod Shuffle is better than the Zappin feature in the Sony W202. VoiceOver feature not only tells you the name of the song, but it also tells you other information as the playlist name, podcast name and lets you quickly navigate between playlists. The W202 does not even support playlists.

While comparing the design part of the Mp3 players, the design of the W202 is far more conducive to usage while running. The Shuffle might be small and have a clip, but the earphone cable will nag you by coming in your way. The main advantage of Sony W202 mp3 player over the Apple iPod Shuffle is the battery life. While the Shuffle manages 11 hours, the W202 goes on for 14 and a half. Also the sony W202 will support theQuickCharge feature.

Overall Sony W202 is better with high audio quality, battery life and easy wearability. Apple iPod Shuffle only overheads in music management with the VoiceOver feature. So one going to buy Apple iPod Shuffle have to rethink about this befor buying your MP3 player.

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Pooja said...

According to me, Sony NWZ-W202 has user friendly features. The audio quality is superb. It is a good quality walkman. The MP2 player of 2GB is one of the best feature. It is available in 2 colours pink and black. The price is quiet reasonable. For more details refer Sony Walkman

shantanu said...

In Sound Quality, apple can never be compared to sony.
Sony is faar faar better and advanced than apple.

Sony focuses on sound quality and headphone design to enrich the audio experience, whereas apple focuses on looks and looks only.

nithin said...

pooja z ri8 but the main draw back z Sony NWZ-W202 has only 2GB memory and it does not support any playlist

Anonymous said...

the only thing is 2GB capacity of sony NWZ-W202 is for me quiet bad,since if it had 4GB or higher i would had really gone for sony.....

Anonymous said...

Sony is better than apple in this case,however it's price is higher and storage is lower than apple.But when it comes to quality and style who cares! and besides 2 gb is enough.

Anonymous said...

2 gigs is way more than enough in this case. i own a pair of these sonys. i only put all of my upbeat hard rockin out songs on there. at this time thats 82 songs. thats 5.3 hours of music. and only 597.2 MB. multiply that by almost 4 to equal the capacity and you could work out for 20 hrs (longer than the battery life of the sony, which is longer than the apple anyways). and who the heck works out for 20 hrs straight?? or even 14.5 (the battery life of the sony) its not a device to keep your entire music library on. i dont think it would be a great idea to listen to anything other than something upbeat thats going to keep you going. yet again another win from Sony!

Anonymous said...

i want it but my father doesn't want me 2 buy it
and my frnd no no not frnd but enemy nupur always keep jealousing me she is a kutti kamiiini n fucckless

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