Jul 25, 2009

Acer F900 Smart Phone Specifications and Review

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In the field of computer technology Acer showed their ability. Depending up on the detailed survey, Smart phones are becoming rapidly widespread. For up coming years the trend of smart phones will accelerate continuously. Acer now introduce a typical Smart phone. Acer windows mobile handsets did not take long roll out when the company took over the Eten. Acer smart phones include 4 devices now.The smart phone F900 being one of the greatest gadget. This F900 made up with 3.8 inch WVGA screen and customised Acer shell running on windows mobile 6.1 professional.

Acer F900 come to sheer size. During the mean while of movie playing shaking the phone change to full screen.This comes with highest resolution between the small screen devices-480*800. It has 3.8 inches impressive display. F900 has 4 touch sensitive keys that placing below the screen and glow it in blue color. F900 gives pronounced vibration feedback when the key is press. This keys functioned as right to left or send,start menu,OK or x and end key.This made the phone in an legend look. The volume is on the right hand side and it can also use to scroll up and down the menus of phone. F900 contain a small button used for screen selection,this is placed between the two volume control buttons. Both MICRO SD slot and camera shutter are here. It is sure that,all other smart phones should ready to face a challenge with ACER F900.

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