May 27, 2009

Q-SOUND Solar Powered Bluetooth Headphones

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Q-Sound Features and Technology

Last day while i was surfing on internet, i happen to see an interesting concept product,Q-Sound. Q-Sound is a solar powered bluetooth wireless headphones. The Q-Sound Headphones is just like a headband in which solar cells are placed directly on the user’s crown, absorbing valuable rays for power.

Shepeleff Stephen is the designer of this cool gadget. He claims that one hour of sunlight provides 2.6 hours running time for the head phones. Its look stylish and the Q-Sound can handle phone calls just like all other bluetooth headphones and is also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired connection in the case of no bluetooth option in the phone.

It is equipped with a Two removable NiMH rechargeable batteries, with a capacity of 800mAh and operating voltage of 1.2V. The Q-Sound is just a concept at the moment.

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