May 24, 2009

Philips Xenium X550 and X810 Mobile Phones with 1 month battery life

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Philips Xenium Mobiles with Long Battery Life

After the Xenium X710 , Philips now introducces its new mobiles, Xenium X550 and Xenium X810. The major improvement in these Xenium mobiles are its ultra long batter life. The philips company claimed that both the Xenium X550 and Xenium X810 will give a standby time upto 1 month. Xenium 550 comes with a QVGA display and Xenium X810 comes with a touchscreen display.

Philips Xenium X550 is a candy bar style phone just like Xenium X710 while X810 is a slider phone. Both these Xenium phones have included the same design elements and both support 2G EDGE networks. Other features of the phones include 3.2 Megapixel camera and both phones will support Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD cards.
Both Philips’ Xenium X550 and X810 will be launched in Eastern Europe by the end of next month.

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