Dec 24, 2008

Infinity Storage Media and Kydo TV Launched World’s First Blu-ray DVD Hybrid Disc

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Last week first Blu-ray/DVD Hybrid disc has been developed by the Infinity Storage Media and Kydo TV.It is launched after four years the first announcement about the Blu-Ray/DVD hybrid Technology by JVC Victor in 2004.
A Dual layer 8.5GB DVD and a single layer of 25GB Blu-ray is included in a Blu-ray / DVD Hybrid Disc.According to the company,the Blu-ray / DVD Hybrid Disc can be playback on 99% of DVD players.

To create a video DVD,it uses one side of the first two layers.Technology behind this disc is that BD is using a semi permeable membranemade of metal with a special selection of the wavelength of the recording layer reflective film.

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