Dec 22, 2008

Google Image Search Got New Style

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For the frequent users of Google Image search,there is a good news.Google Image search is more easier now.users find search find it simpler to find clip art as Google Image Search now boasts of two new content restriction options namely clip art and line drawings.

The new additions to Google’s image search criteria will now ensure users find clip art for presentations and line drawings as easily as imagery of people, diagrams for reports, symbols and patterns. The blue title bar on any search results page displays the ‘Any content’ drop down which on being selected will show the various search options.

Now there is no need to type out exact details of image required. We hav to simply sticking to the same query, uses can get different images by restricting their results to different visual styles. This makes image searching much easier.The new search by style option for clip art and line drawing are already functional.

This step taken by google will give more users for them.
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