Nov 2, 2008

Yamaha FZ 16 Stills,Reviews,Specifications.

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After the great success of the Yamaha YZF R15 ,they launched their new bike FZ 16.I think With these two bikes Yamaha will rule the roads for the next some year.Yamaha FZ16 has racing technology from R1 like six-speed transmission.It is being toned down to 150 cc from the existing global version of 1,000 cc.It is 150cc , 5 Speed Gear box, Air Cooled and have Monoshock suspension Yamaha FZ 150 will be launched in October 2008.

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manu said...

nice blog...

shalini said...

yamaha..............fz16 is not a powerhouse, but a premium executive-commuter-streetfighter, which makes it even more incredible for me. I having trouble accepting that people will buy this bike in hordes just to commute to the office or get vegetables on it. But the very same bike can be used in the umpteen B-grade adverts and Tv soap operas as the chariot of the good looking college chocolate-hero making passes at girls or the spoilt rich brat with a expensive bike respectively.

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