Sep 20, 2008

Dell XPS 1530 Vs Apple MacBook

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I know everyone have a doubt of buying a new high performance laptop as there are many one available in the market.I saw many one's doubt abt which one is better-Apple MacBook or Dell Xps 1530?

When i read the review of both the notebooks i also doubted that which is best one.So i search many sites and found a single solution for you all.Here i compared the two notebooks.


After i compare both the notebooks i think that Dell XPS 1530 is more better than the Apple MacBook.Dell has a built in card reader,integrated 2.0 megapixel camera which is not in Apple macbook.Also Dell has a 64GB solid state drive.I think the overall performance is better of Dell XPS 1530.So if u are planing to buy a new laptop,u should chk this and make a decision.


Anonymous said...

when Apple release the new machines shortly can you do the same comparison. The MacBook is at the end of its current life cycle the Dell is a much more recent machine.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on what you need in specs. The MacBook Pro would be MUCH better for some people's needs (like mine). I need that faster throughput of the Firewire 800 and the additional graphics horsepower. I don't give a hoot about the consumer-oriented card readers and camera.

For me it's all about film editing and for that, there is no comparison.

If I was the average consumer, it would be toss up, but it mostly comes down to OS, so it is not an 'apples to apples' comparison.

Anonymous said...

i disagree that the 64 gb drive is an advantage...doesnt do anything for me, overrated, more expensive, so thats a wash

Apple laptop comes with the remote that is a wash also

i find apples OS x leopard an advantage over vista

wwan may be an advantage in the future
i give the faster firewire port an advantage

Anonymous said...

What about Target Disk Mode? Or the fact that the MBP is the only one that can legally run both Mac OS X plus WIndows Vista and/or XP?

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