Nov 24, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 8GB in India available at Rs 37,900

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At last, the 8GB version of Apple's iPhone 4 is coming to india and the most shocking news is that the less storage version costs more that the 32GB iPhone 4. It is almost confirmed and we are not sure what is behind of this. It seems no one will buy this 8GB Apple iPhone 4 as the higher versions are available in better prices.

Coming to the price comparisons, the iPhone 4 16 and 32GB models which were priced at 34,500 and 40,900 respectively, this new Apple iPhone 4 8GB version will be available at Rs 37,800. On the other hand, iPhone 4S 16 and 32GB is priced by Airtel and Airtel at a price tag of Rs 44,500 and Rs 50,900 respectively.

In comparison to other countries, iPhone 4S factory unlocked is a bit cheaper if compared with Indian prices. iPhone 4 8GB is available in US for $99 with contract from AT&T. We are also hearing that Apple would start selling refurbished iPhone 4 soon in India. It could be another option if you want something affordable.

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