Jul 14, 2011

Nokia N900, first Nokia Smartphone to feature Linux software

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Nokia N900 Linux Smartphone Features, Specifications, Reviews & Prices

It should be noted that Nokia, which is considered to be the world's largest handset maker have launched Nokia N900 much earlier, but now they are back again with the new version Nokia N900 as it is their first ever high-end phone running on Linux software. Linux is the most popular type of free, or so-called open source, computer operating system available to the public. It competes directly with Microsoft Corp, which charges for its Windows software and opposes freely sharing its code.

The other major notable point is that Nokia's workhorse Symbian operating system controls half of the smart phone market volume but here in this case they have opted for the Linux. According to Nokia, open source Symbian will always remain as their main platform and along with that this new Linux would work well in parallel with Symbian in its high-end product range. Linux has been used in sleek phone-like devices in order to access the Web that have failed to gain mass-market appeal in part due to their lack of a cellular radio.

This new Nokia N900 Smartphone features an ARM's Cortex-A8 processor along with cellular connection, touch screen and slide-out keyboard. It will be available for a retail price of around 500 Euros ($712), excluding subsidies and taxes.

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Nokia N900 looking very much good as compared to N91. It is good to use Linux software In mobile technology. It operates fast and its security is also good. Thanks for sharing these important post here.

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