Jul 24, 2011

Mach Xtreme MX-DS FUSION Series SATA III 2.5-inch SSDs

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Mach Xtreme announced the new MX-DS FUSION Series SATA III solid state drives which is the 2.5-inch SSD comes based on MLC NAND Flash memoru and SATA III interface. With SandForce’s SSD controller, the MX-DS FUSION supports DuraClass technology for endurance, performance and low power consumption, and DuraWrite technology to optimizes writes to the flash memory.

Mach Xtreme MX-DS FUSION Series SATA III SSDs provides up to 540MB/s read and 510MB/s write speeds with up to 80,000 IOPS throughput. It supports TRIM command and has built-in ECC function.

MX-DS FUSION™ Series 2.5” SSD Specifications

  • 2.5" SATA III MLC Solid State Drive
  • Max. Read Performance up to 540MB/s  
  • Max. Write Performance up to 510MB/s
  • IOPS up to 80,000
  • DuraClass™, DuraWrite™ and RAISE technologies support
  • Power consumption: idle 1.6W / active up to 2.8W
  • Life expectancy 2.0 million hours MTBF 
  • Certification: ROHS, CE, FCC
  • Capacity: 60GB (MXSSD3MDSF-60G) and 120GB (MXSSD3MDSF-120G)
  • Warranty: 2-Years

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