Jul 26, 2011

Apple releases iOS 5 beta 4 - Features and Overview

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Apple has just announced its new iOS 5 beta 4 version and as per the reports Apple will release it very soon. Apple Company always release the beta version apps to the customers to find out the bugs with it and then developers will work on those bugs reported by the users.

Regarding the new Apple iOS 5 beta 4 , the biggest news here seems to be that Apple has enabled OTA updates as it refers to issues related to the process of updating iOS 5 b3 to iOS 5 b4 over the air.Those on iOS 5 Beta 3 should be able to wirelessly upgrade to Beta 4.If you’re on Beta 3 already, try and download Beta 4 as an OTA update.

Apple iOS 5, the latest version of the world's most advanced mobile operating system, includes over 200 new user features, and an updated SDK with over 1,500 new APIs and powerful new development tools. Start developing today to take advantage of iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Twitter and new Game Center APIs.

More update on Apple iOS 5 beta 4 will be added here soon. Keep in touch with us.

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