Feb 17, 2011

LG Pecan Android 2.2 Smartphone through Orange

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Android 2.2 Smartphone LG Pecan Specifications, LG Pecan Features and LG Pecan Reviews

LG Pecan Android 2.2 Smartphone 
In this space, one month ago we have reported that LG is planning to launch a new Android based Smartphone, LG Pecan. Now its official that LG is going to offer Pecan, a budget Smartphone based on Google’s Android operating system. This new LG Pecan will get launched through Orange.

This new Android Smartphone, LG Pecan comes powered with Android 2.2, aka Froyo. New Android Smartphone, LG Pecan features a 3.15 MP camera that is capable to record videos. This new LG Pecan comes pre-loaded with some Google applications. It comes equipped with a media player as well as a loud speaker. It will be equipped with a range of connectivity options, such as 3G, Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi.

This new Android Smartphone, LG Pecan is offered with 140MB of memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB by means of a microSD card. It should also be noted that this new LG Pecan provides support for GPS as well as email. Orange has not yet released pricing for the LG Pecan, but is expected to be around £100.

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