Feb 7, 2011

AMD Fusion C, E-series APU chips Launched

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AMD launched its new Fusion series chips recently at the CES 2011. This new AMD Fusion series chips is called as Accelerated Processing Units instead of CPU and the AMD Fusion APU chips comes in two series - AMD Fusion E-series Zacate and AMD Fusion C-series Ontario Chips. This new generation AMD Fusion C, E-series APU's are claimed to offer the balanced performance with efficient battery life in a thin-and-light laptop.


AMD said that get ready to witness the ultraportable laptop revolution with the new AMD Fusion platform by the end of this march. Coming to the features, the new AMD Fusion APU come with a multi-core CPU combined with a DirectX 11-enabled GPU on a single silicon die. It has also got a dedicated HD video acceleration block for full-HD 1080p video playback.

AMD E-series, C-series Fusion APU Features

According to the AMD company, the new AMD C-series Fusion APU is designed to offer HD-ready feature to the netbooks while the AMD E-series Fusion APU are designed for mainstream laptops, all-in-one desktops and nettops. It is claimed that the new AMD Fusion APU will deliver accelerated Internet consumption -- from watching HD videos online to improved parallel processing to speed application performance and boosts the graphics performance with the DirectX 11 video acceleration block similar to those found in the ATI Radeon HD 6800 series GPUs.  Other main thing about the new AMD Fusion APU is that it boosts battery life and offers upto 10 hours of battery backup time to the netbooks.

AMD Fusion APU Chip Models and Specifications

AMD also added that they will introduce its new 32nm A-Series "Llano" mainstream Fusion APU very soon which is being designed for the mainstream laptops and desktops. The upcoming AMD A series Fusion APU will get upto four core processing units and DirectX 11-enabled discrete-level GPU hybrid video acceleration block. Sources indicate that laptops based on this AMD A-series Llano APU will hit the markets by mid-2011.


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Anonymous said...

Ok, right.
I have seen tons of news about the launch af fusion , that fusion is better yhat fusion is the future but...after the CES launch you cannot find fusion at all to buy....so is this a reality?
I seriusly question AMD capacity to bring products to market.

Arun Jacob said...

@ Anonymous Fusion Products are already available now ... Sony last week introduced VAIO YB series Laptop with AMD Fusion APU...

chk out http://techwizardz.blogspot.com/2011/02/sony-vaio-yb-series-laptop-with-amd.html

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