Feb 14, 2011

AMD Bulldozer to showcase at CeBit 2011

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AMD Bulldozer Specifications, AMD Bulldozer Features and Overview

After a long time, here is AMD's anwser to the Intel Core-i7 processor with its latest AMD Bulldozer architecture. As per the latest reports, AMD Bulldozer will be introduced at the coming CeBit show. AMD is preparing for more with this Bulldozer as it has a completely new architecture and we have no idea on the details of this new platform.

As per sources, the new AMD Bulldozer archtecture will offer better and impressive performance with improved flexibility than current cores from AMD. Sources also indicates that this new Bulldozer platform will overrun the current AMD Thuban Six-Core processors by around 50 percent performance. Also it is said to be a perfect competor to the Intel Gulf-Town processors. AMD also planning to unveil its next generation Turbo technology on AMD Bulldozer server parts with Turbo Core Dynamic Acceleration offering intelligent automatic overclocking on all cores.

AMD Bulldozer Scheme

CeBit will be between March 1 and March 5. All are looking forward to see the complete product lineup from AMD as there is chances to showcase new CPUs, Fusion APUs and the Antilles dual-GPU graphics card along with this AMD Bulldozer.

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