Dec 8, 2010

Sony introduced World's first Tilting Television - Features and Prices

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One of the most sensational news from the electronics world is that the Electronics giant, Sony has launched the world's first television with a screen which can be tilted backwards. According to the makers, it is optimum for comfortable viewing.

They also says that a six degree lean is the ideal angle - any less doesn't make much of a discernible difference, and any more could lead to the screen reflecting ceiling lights. It should also be noted that a slight backwards lean of six degrees is now the best position for a TV set as many of us mount modern flat-screens on furniture a foot or two above the ground.

Now a days, people are increasingly choosing glossy, shiny TV screens which complement their home's style even when they are switched off and hence this new tilting television from Sony, which is a Monolithic is priced at 1,300 pounds for a 40-inch screen, and are available in state-of-the art 3D models, and can either be set up vertically or slotted to a six-degree backwards lean.

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