Dec 8, 2010

LG XD8 Waffle External Portable Hard Drive Review and Prices

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LG XD8 Waffle External hard Drive in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB storage capacities
LG Electronics releases its new portable LG XD8 Waffle USB hard drive in south korea and the official announcement about this has came on last day. The LG XD8 Waffle External Hard drive will comes available in 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB models at a price of 90,000 won ($80), 100,000 won ($88), 140,000 won ($124) and 180,000 won ($159) respectively.

LG XD8 Waffle has got a stylish design with glossy plastic Front and rear surfaces. The new LG portable Hard drive has got a 2.5-inch formfactor and the side of the HDD has corrugated that will not slip out of hands. LG XD8 Waffle External hard Drive comes pre-loaded with Nero BackItup & Burn software.

LG XD8 Waffle stylish portable HDD meets RoHS, which is restricting the use of hazardous substances. LG offers this new XD8 Waffle hard drive in three color options which includes black/silver, white/silver, and white/pink. It is expected to be available from early 2011.

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