Nov 20, 2010

iPod Accessories-Griffin Slap Flexible wristband for iPod nano 6G

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Griffin launches its new flexible wristband for iPod nano 6G music player which comes available under the name 'Griffin Slap'. The latest accessory Griffin Slap makes your iPod nano 6G just like a watch. The flexible spring-steel band wrapped in soft silicone snaps securely around your wrist to keep your iPod nano close at hand.

The Slap has thick silicone frame to protect the multitouch display, volume controls and dock connector of the iPod nano 6G, while still allows touch-through control. It’s band self-adjusts to a comfortable fit. The Griffin Slap is priced at $24.99 and comes in multiple colors, matching your nano 6G.

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool I never thought they made a iPod that you can wear on your wrist ; and that still can look nice.

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