Nov 11, 2010

BMW Hybrid Super Car is coming

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BMW has already give many contributions to the green automobile production like Hydrogen fueled BMW 7 series. Now BMW is introducing a powerful stylish super car which will run with a Hybrid Engine. It is Expected to be available in market by the end of 2013.

The CEO said that "The BMW hybrid super car is mooted to fulfill the need for enviro care and the electric-powered Megacity auto". The emission rate of CO2 will be only 30% per kilometer.

Key features of Hybrid super car

  • The upward open door
  • Has 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Twin electric motors
  • Height is only 1.24 meters
  • 4-seater
  • Transparency in doors to serve the speakers and arm rests
When we look into its safety features the carbon-fiber is employed to enhance the safety aspects that we can found only in Formula 1 race cars..The cost of this Hybrid Super Car may be on the range of RollsRoyce ranges.

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Prem said...

man..i have been waiting for this car so long....really want to see it...machu ithu thakarkkumeda...why are they making it late?

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