Nov 30, 2010

Apple iPad Accessories-ZooGue Case Genius V2 | Reviews, Specs and Features

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Here is another iPad Accessory which makes will be interesting and a needed one for your iPad. This tie the ZooGue company showcased its new ipad Case named Genies V2 iPad case. The all new ZooGue Case Genius V2 is an angle adjustable case with its ingenious innovative Velcro design.

ZooGue Case Genius V2 is made of a superior leather and internal thin plastic lining which will ensure the cover is kept straight and sturdy. It’s soft micro-fiber like interior helps protect the iPad screen. The ZooGue V2 iPad case is available for a price of $54.98 including shipping.

ZooGue Case Genius V2 iPad Case Hands-on Video

ZooGue Case Genius V2 Key Features
  • New and perfect V2 design
  • Set your iPad to any angle for a stable and supportive stand
  • Maximum usability with redesigned smaller frame
  • Folds completely flat and compact for travel
  • 1.5-inch port cut out to accomodate all ipad accessories
  • An arch in kickstand enables you to easily lift and adjust the iPad to any angle
  • Incredibly sturdy at any anglewith its unique velcro design

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