Oct 9, 2010

Motorola dual SIM handset Moto EX128 and Moto EX115 launched in India

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After the launch of C1 and C2 Dual SIM Phones from Nokia, now its turn for Motorola to step into the dual SIM market. Company has decided to launch, two new handsets for Indian market. All new EX115 is a dual-SIM QWERTY phone, followed by EX128 which is touchscreen dual-SIM phone with stylus. However, both the handsets look promising at their end. Tech World here provides the detailed specifications of the Moto EX128 and Moto EX115 Handsets.

Motorola dual SIM handset Moto EX128 and Moto EX115
Motorola EX128 sports a 3.2-inch QVGA (240×400) touchscreen display, while Motorola EX128 dual-SIM touchscreen phone comes with a 3MP camera with digital zoom and video camcorder which supports MPEGA4 files. The social networking support of this handset looks rich and comes with GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity. It has also got 3.5mm jack for audio as additional features. Motorola EX128 dual SIM touchscreen phone claims to offer up to 300 minutes of talktime and 350 hours of standby battery time. Apart from the above features it also supports expandable memory upto 32GB.

Moving on to Motorola EX115 dual-SIM phone, which comes equipped with QWERTY keyboard and is no touchscreen. However, if you love to stay connected to your loved ones, may be you will find this one interesting as it has a very good support for social networking and sports Gmail, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. It comes with 2.3-inch (320×240) display screen and offers a talktime of 200mins and 250 hours of standby battery time. It also features an expandable memory upto 32GB.

While coming to the Pricing details, Motorola EX128 is priced at a Best Buy price of Rs 5,990 while the MRP: Rs 6,990, followed by the Motorola EX115 is priced at a Best Buy price of Rs 4,990 and MRP: Rs 5,990.

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