Sep 8, 2010

Samsung announced two new netbooks, SF510 and NF210

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Samsung had announced two new netbooks named as SF510 and NF210. With the arrival of both these netbooks, the team Samsung are planning to make a strong platform of their own in this field.

Out of these two netbooks, Samsung SF510 is powered by an Intel Core i3 CPU where as NF210 comes with an Atom N455 central processing unit. Also the NF210 runs the Microsoft Windows 7 Starter operating system, while the SF510 is available with Windows 7 home Premium.

When the features are examined, the new Samsung SF510 comes equipped with 4GB of DDR3, 500GB of HDD storage, True2Sound SRS Premium Sound, as well as 802.11b/g/n WiFi. Also the device features a 15.6-inch SuperBrigth HD display that provides the resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels. The device is able to work during 7 hours of battery life.

The main difference between these two netbook is that the SF510 lacks a discrete GPU where as the NF210 is equipped with the GMA 3150 graphics and boasts of the resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels. The device integrates 250GB of storage, 3W Stereo speakers as well as 802.11b/g/n WiFi. The device promises 14 hours of battery life.

More details regarding this two new netbooks from Samsung, especially the price of these two are awaited from the makers..

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