Sep 24, 2010

Nokia C3 Touch and Type Phone Specifications, Features and Prices

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Nokia, one of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers are coming with a new handset which can be called as a 'Touch & Type' mobile phone since it features a usual keypad and also touchscreen. This new mobile phone, named as Nokia C3 has a slight resemblance to the 6700 classic.

Some of the major features that are enabled within this new Nokia handsets are a 5 megapixel camera that comes with flash, and also it is supportive to 3G/HSPA as well as Wi-Fi internet connectivity. This new phone comes up with a 2.4 inch touchscreen and it is available with Nokia messaging 3.0, instant messaging, new incarnation of Nokia’s email as well as communities client for Twitter and Facebook.

This new handset, Nokia C3 is available mainly in 3 colors, warm grey, khadi gold as well as silver and it is supportive to microSD memory cards that can expand the storage up to 32MB. This new Nokia handset is expected to reach the world market by the end of this year and the price tag may get fixed around Euro 145.

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