Sep 29, 2010

Google fixed the “Bom Sabado” bug in Orkut

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Orkut Virus, Bom Sabado
Two days ago, Orkut one of the popular Social Networking site was attacked by a Virus named 'Bom Sabado'. The Bom Sabado worm is just a javascript based bud that spreads itself through the scraps and messages. When anyone's account is affected by the virus, then this worm automatically sends the virus as scraps to his friends.

And yesterday google comes out with the news that they had fixed the 'Bom Sabado' worm and its now safe to use your orkut account. Also they offers some tips for those who has been attacked by the worm.

However, please remember that in any case, if you ever find any suspicious activities on your Orkut profile, please clear your cookies and cache and also change your password & security quiestion immediately :

Also, avoid clicking any unknown/suspicious link while logged on to Orkut!

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