Sep 16, 2010

Acer AT4285 Ultra Slim LED HDTV - Reviews and Features

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Acer comes with its latest ultra slim HDTV - AT85 series LED HDTV. The main attraction of the new Acer AT85 series HDTV is its design with Gorilla Glass which is resistant enough to protect any shock and scratch. Acer will introduce its first LED display in the AT85 series and that will be the 42-inch Acer AT4285 HDTV that features Full HD display with 1920X1080 pixels of resolution.

Other Acer AT4285 LED HDTV specifications include 24p image speed, HDMI input, LED- backliting and 100Hz refresh rate. It also comes equipped with the InfiniContrast for realistic images and the 3D Comb Filtering eliminates fluttering for more realistic colors. It will also feature built-in USB port with which users are able to play MP3 and JPEG files directly from USB devices. With the integrated PVR technology, the Acer AT4285 series LED HDTV offers the customers to store the TV programs on USB devices.

Acer AT4285 series HDTV will be available soon and by later october Acer company will add more models to the AT4285 HDTV series.

Acer AT4285 LED HDTV Specifications

  • Back-lit LED for incomparable viewing
  • Acer InfiniContrast: for infinitely realistic images
  • Full HD Resolution
  • DVB HD, DVB-C, CI+ Support
  • 100 Hz: absolute purity and perfection
  • 24p frame rate for perfect cinematographic viewing
  • Comb filter: to eliminate fluttering of the images
  • PVR: so you’ll never miss your favourite programmes
  • Connectivity via HDMI
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John C said...

is This really acer made TV?
when it started?
or just name of it?
any way but TV is very attractive and many more functionalities.

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