Jun 17, 2010

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Specifications, Features and Prices

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Microsoft, the leading Operating System designers announced its new Xbox 360 Slim at the recently held E3 Expo. The all new Microsoft Xbox 360 features a slim, sleek black colored design. From the begining, the Xbox 360 gaming console is considered to be the most competent of Sony Playstations.

The new Microsoft Xbox 360 slim gaming console comes designed on the latest 45nm chipset and it packs a built-in 250GB removable hard drive. Other specifications of the Microsoft Xbox 360 slim includes built-in WiFi 802.11n connectivity, a wireless controller and a Xbox 360 headset. It also comes equipped with an HDMI output and USB flash drive storage capabilities. It also features a new port for the latest innovative Kinect motion gaming system.

Microsoft offers the latest Xbox 360 Slim edition gaming console along with a price tag of $299.99.

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