May 26, 2010

Sony DVP-FX950 Portable DVD Player Features, Specifications

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Sony launches the new Portable DVD player DVP-FX950 in Japan. The all new Sony DVP-FX950 DVD player comes with a 9-inch tilt screen with 800X480 pixel reolutions. The 9-inch Sony DVP-FX950 portable DVD player plays MP3 audio files from DVD and CD's and also supports Images too.

Sony FX950 supports playback of DVD Video, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL, VCD, Audio CD and 8cm discs. It comes support to USB memory drive through the built-in USB port. Sony DVP-FX950 Portable DVD player has not yet released in Japan but you are able to buy it from at a price of $140.97.

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in car dvd player said...

It easier for me to connect the player with other external devices like when you want to view the picture in JEPG format or just need a moment to listen to the MP3s.

plumbing said...

Smartphones have turned into the de facto portable movie players of today's mobile world. But for a lot of folks, being able to watch their DVD collection on the go remains an attractive option.

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