May 17, 2010

Patriot Inferno series SSD - Specifications, Features and Reviews

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Patriot Memory, Global leader in the storage solutions launches its new Solid State Drive - Patriot Inferno SSD which combines the SandForce’s SF-1222 SSD controller and DuraClass technology. The Patriot Inferno is a 2.5-inch SSD which is designed based on the MLC NAND flash.

The all new Patriot Inferno Solid State Drive offers better endurance and reliability by an average of 20x over traditional SSD controllers through innovative write technology and Wear Leveling. The 2.5-inch Patriot Inferno SSD comes available in two storage options -100GB and 200GB. It offers 285MB/s read and 275MB/s write speeds and comes compatible with Windows 7 TRIM commands.

The new Patriot Inferno Solid State Drives comes in two models 200GB Patriot Inferno PI200GS25SSDR and 100GB Patriot Inferno PI100GS25SSDR. Pricing and availability details of the Patriot Inferno SSD will be announced later.

Patriot Inferno series SSD Specifications and Details

Family Capacity Model # UPC Processor Read Speed Write Speed Warranty
Inferno 200GB PI200GS25SSDR 0879699009591 SF-1222 285MB/s 275MB/s 5 years
Inferno 100GB PI100GS25SSDR 0879699009607 SF-1222 285MB/s 275MB/s 5 years

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