Apr 24, 2010

Toshiba Regza R1, H1 and A1 series LCD HDTVs - Specifications, Features and Pricing Details

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Toshiba recently shows its new series LCD HDTVs in Japan - Toshiba Regza R1, H1 and A1 series LCD HDTV. All the Regza R1, H1 and A1 series LCD HDTV models comes with the CCFL backlit instead of LED and is equipped with digital TV tuner.

Toshiba Regza R1 Series LCD HDTV comes available in 42-inch – 42R1, 37-inch – 37R1 and 32-inch – 32R1 models while the Toshiba Regza H1 series LCD display comes in 2 models 37-inch – 37H1 and 32-inch – 32H1. On the other hand Toshiba Regza A1 LCD HDTV gets 3 models - 26-inch – 26H1, 22-inch – 22H1 and 19-inch – 19H1.

Toshiba's R1 and H1 are based on IPS LCD panel and the more budget-priced A1 uses TN panel. Both these models also support recording to USB hard drive and the H1 adds a 500GB internal hard drive. They have HDMI ports and 10Wx2 built-in speakers. Models with 37-inch or above offer 1920×1080 resolution while models with small screen size provide 1366×768.

No details about the pricing and availability is announced yet and is expected to be announced officially soon.

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