Apr 20, 2010

Buffalo SHD-NSU2 2.5-inch SSD with Windows TRIM support

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Buffalo recently introduces its latest 2.5-inch series Solid State Drive - SHD-NSU2 SSD. The new SHD-NSU2 series SSD from buffalo is the similar and updated series of the PATA based SHD-NHPU2 series solid state drives.

Buffalo SHD-NSU2 series 2.5-inch SSD features 64MB cache memory and uses the SATA interface. The new SHD-NSU2 SSD offers an additional mini USB port for easy connection. The Buffalo SHD-NSU2 comes with compatiability to the Windows TRIM command and comes bundled with Acronis TrueImage HD and Buffalo’s own TurboPC and TurboCopy software.

Buffalo offer the new SHD-NSU2 series SSD in 4 different models - 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. While coming to the Pricing details, the 32GB buffalo SHD-N32SU2 comes available at a price of 14,600 Yen, 64GB Buffalo SHD-N64SU2 gets a price tag of 21,000 Yen, 12GB Buffalo SHD-N128SU2 model costs around 41,300 Yen and the 256GB buffalo SHD-N256SU2 SSD model is priced at 78,600 Yen.

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