Apr 17, 2010

ASUS Bravo220 Eco-Friendly Green Graphics Card

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Asus showcased itss new eco-friendly green graphics card - Asus Bravo220. The new Asus Bravo220 Green Graphics card is ideal for the HTPC use and the Small form factor desktop computers. The major features of the GPU includes 21% power-savings and 0dB cooling and Optimized visual enjoyment with Splendid Plus.

While coming to the Specifications details, the ASUS Bravo220 Green GPU features a 525MHz GeForce GT220 processor, 1GB DDR2 memory with 128-bit bus, 1360 MHz shader frequency. Other ASUS Bravo220 features include D-Sub, DVI-I and HDMI output. The low profile Graphics card gets a silent cooling system and supports Asus Splendid Plus technology that offers the perfect Video Optimization, reacting to ambient conditions when adjusting brightness, color and contrast—just like the human eye does.

ASUS Bravo220 Eco-Friendly Green GPU will be available for pre-ordering at a price of 70 Euros.

Asus Bravo220 Green Graphics Card Specifications
Graphics engine GeForce GT220
Video memory 1GB DDR2
Engine clock 525MHz
Shader clock 1360MHz
Memory clock 800MHz (400MHz DDR2)
Memory interface 128-bit
DVI max resolution 2560X1600
Bus standard PCI Express 2.1
DVI output DVI-I
HDCP compliant Yes
HDMI output Yes
D-Sub output Yes
Included accessories Light sensor, Remote control, Low profile bracket
Bundled software ASUS utilities and drivers

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