Jul 3, 2009

K&N Power Filters for bikes

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K & N Power Filter Specifications and price

K&N is providing a better facility in their web site itself for choosing their performance filters that is very much suitable for a particular bike . It is always better to consult the K&N official web site for selecting the appropriate filter for your bike and do not go for the mechanic's preference.

Main features of K&N performance filters

  • K&N air filters increases horsepower and acceleration filtering out all most all the harmful particles
  • K&N air filters will increase the engine life
  • The K&N filter improves fuel economy ie, mileage will increase
  • K&N offering a Warranty of 10-year / 1,000,000 Mile
  • K&N air filters are washable and reusable ie there will be no waste products ie,they are environment friendly
  • K&N air filters are designed for your specific year, make and model
K&N air filters For INDIAN BIKES

One major think you have to notice is that there is no particular power filters for Indian bikes from K&N the thing we can do is that select an appropriate one from the K&N universal filter category for high performance majority selecting K&N Specialty Filters for Modified Minibikes
For normal applications we can go for a filter pricing Rs.2000 which is universal. In India the price for K&N air filters for bike ranges from 1000 to 5000 according to your need.

The company claim that their will a considerable amount of increase in the power from 0.5 to 7 bhp according to the bike and its condition.In my own experience i got a better power and acceleration for my bike. But one of my friend said that he did not get any special improvements in power as well as acceleration. Even though he got an increase in mileage around 6km/l. This shows that the right selection of K&N filter is very important.

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Anoop said...

Yeah k&n's are good if u get a good mech to install it.Also the models are R-1060,the universal model and R-1100 the power models for 200cc+ models.from various users of the 2nd model,the report is tat the it really boosts the performance!!but as i said u need a real good mechanic to check the carbs jets and tuning to get anything out of the filter in ur bike.not to mention...it sounds awesome on 4-strokes!!

Fat Bastard said...

More air flow in a modern engine will be nullified by the air flow modulator. K&N is a scam. Air flow is kept at certain prescribed constants to maintain a 15 to 1 stoichiometric ratio that is required to control NOX and other gasses as well as combustion temps.

Fat Bastard knows these things.

Anonymous said...

nice to know the piece of information u guys have provided, well, i own a fazer, n most of the mechs fix it near d engine, but i saw a video where they r fixing it below the seat.. which is the right place for the k&n to be fixed in my bike?? please let me know.. thank u

Ak87 said...

from wat i have understood, it does really matter where u put the filter. just tat the intake of air by the filter should not be restricted. All u should make certain is tat it is installed by a mech who know wat to do...Another thing is tat , u would get good initial but loss top end.

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