Jul 30, 2009

BMW Green Sports car at Frankfurt Motor Show

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At the end of the 2009 BMW announce to confirm their decision to pull out from formula one racing.BMW officials also revealed that Bavarian automaker will swipe that covers of an all-new 'green' sports car concept.Kalus Draegr made that announcement.In the Frankfurt motor show new sport edition of BMW unveiled.

BMW green super car will be a two seater,engine is placed at the middle end.This coupe equipped with some latest technologies, that is for the saving of fuel.A direct injection of dynamic programme offered by BMW.BMW new sport edition developed with other some latest technologies like brake energy regeneration, Stop start systems and aerodynamics.

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Tata brings Jaguar and Land Rover cars to India said...

can i have the specification of this model..seems to be deadly powerful....

Lewis N. Clark said...

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