Feb 16, 2009

NVIDIA Introducing GeForce 3D Vision Kit

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The GeForce GTX 295 is a dual-GPU graphics card that sports a pair of GT200 "B" GPUs—a version of the GT200 that's been produced using a 55nm fab process rather than the 65nm process used on the original GT200.Nvidia did with SLI in reintroducing us to the world of rendering via multiple graphics boards, NVIDIA have decided that stereoscopic gaming was too young to die, and that the time is ripe for hardcore games to don a pair of daft glasses once more in search of an immersive gaming experience.Nvidia has disabled one of the ROP paritions in each GPU, so that like the GeForce GTX 260, each graphics processor on this card has 896MB of RAM associated with it, along with a little less per-clock oomph for painting pixels and doing AA resolve work. Each GPU's 240 stream processors is fully intact, though. All told, the GTX 295 is a beast, with 1792MB of graphics memory and enough theoretical peak fill rate and shader power to equal a fairly large array of Playstation 3s.
Away from the launch of their new GeForce GTX 285 and 295 GPUs, today also sees the introducing of the GeForce 3D Vision system. We may not have been able to play with this system ourselves just yet, but we can at least take a look at how the system works and is shaping up in principle to give you all an early peek of the latest invention in NVIDIA's "Graphics Plus" arsenal.
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