Dec 26, 2008

Review: Gajani,A Story of Love & Revenge

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Finally the biggest movie of the year is here.Aamir Khan’s Ghajini brings with it the huge amount of expectations that people usually carry with them to the theatre while watching an Aamir Khan film.Ghajini demonstrates how strong film-making can enhance and elevate an already solid concept.

Sanjay Singhania is a business tycoon, who has very recently come down to India.He falls in love with Kalpana (Asin),due to certain circumstances.Kalpana is a sweet lovable girl with a heart of gold. While Sanjay is on a business trip, Kalpana in an attempt to save girls from some dreaded criminals puts her life at risk. On the day of Sanjay’s return, Kalpana is killed by Ghajini while Sanjay is injured on his head. This leads to a mental disorder called short term memory loss. Sanjay forgets everything in 15 mins! His only goal though is to kill Ghajini.The movie shows how he is taking revenge against Gajani.

Gajini Review
Ghajani is a powerful film, a story of love and revenge,which has been told in a flourishin way by director A.R. Murugadoss.This revenge saga will simply sweep you off your feet from the starting itself. As usual the main attraction is the mindblowing by Aamir Khan prooving everyone that he is the best among the stars available today.

But what Aamir Khan and the Ghajini team have served is a full entertainer. It has comedy, romance, action, a typical 90s villian, great music, emotions.. Ghajini has got it all.

There are so many memorable moments and scenes in Ghajini.
  • The Aamir - Asin love story.He’s a business tycoon; she’s a pretty ordinary girl. The way their love story begins is sweet and extremely funny!
  • The villian! Neck and fingers filled with gold jewellery, a silver tooth, menacing look et al. Ghajini is a typical 90s villian. Almost perfect for a revenge movie.The most surprising thing was, the movie has been named after the villian, which usually isnt the case with Bollywood movies.
  • The climax.It seems quite easy to predict, what could happen next. But the short term memory loss makes the movie quite unpredictable.The climax has been changed from the tamil version.
A.R. Murugadoss directing his first Bollywood film deserves credit for his brilliant execution of the script. The climax of the Hindi version is entirely different from its tamil version. The brilliant camera work and fantastic background score is one of the many other positives. The movie is not full of Violence.According to me the hindi Gajani is far better than its Tamil Version.

The only negative thing i found in the film is the songs. About 2 songs too many in the first half; Behka Main and Aye Bachchu were unnecessary. The song Guzzarish is the one good in the film.

The performances of all artists were top notch. Asin proves to be a very good actress, quite unexpected as I wasn’t expecting much from her, after those promos. Good screen presence, bubbly and charismatic.

Aamir Khan is brilliant! An actor who can never disappoint, neither with his performances nor the overall quality of his movies. He is by far the best star-actor of the decade. What with a different variety of movies like Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and now Ghajini! All very different, but brilliant nonetheless!

Surely the film should be a greatest hit of all time.I prefer you to watch the film on the big screens,else you may miss the brilliant performance of Aamir khan.

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