Nov 5, 2008

Mobile Linux,Threat to Microsoft And Symbian.

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Linux is again making problems to Microsoft.This time the problem is not only to Microsoft but to Symbian.Linux is now capable of making mobile operating system.According to the A.B.I Research's reports at the end of 2013 about 20% of the smartphone will run on Linux Platforms.

LIMO foundations is trying to make linux based mobile operating system.Also the introduction of Google's Android makes the microsoft and symbian to bakfoot."if Operating System developers selects open source softwares and public licence more intellegently ten they can increase their income" says A.B.I.

I think linux based mobiles are more economic than the symbian or microsoft based phones.Also Linux can provide more content rich environment than others.

Let us see what will happen after the launch of linux mobile and also the steps taken by Symbian and Microsoft to overcome this issue.
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