Oct 29, 2008

Blogging Tips:-Maintain a Balance of Articles on a Blog.

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Maintaining balance between articles on the blog is a hard thing to do.All proffesional bloggers maintain balance between their articles on the blog.While writing articles there is a must of maintaining balance between different topics that you focus on.Maintaining Balance between articles increases readability of your blog and also the blog readers.Readers range from person to person, be sure to know what most of your readers like on your blog and make at least 5 majorities and write content based on the things they have liked on your blog like Blogging, Earn Money Online. This can help you keep all types of readers sticked to your blog. You can check what type of content your visitors like in a very easy way.

You must be tracking your blog’s stats through Google Analytics,Histats or something similar to that. So what you do is pay close attention to the pages that have gotten the most hits and the most comments,in other words the most famous articles. That will help you know what type of content your readers like on your blog. Since there will be variation in what they like, you keep writing on different categories in a cycle or at least once in a while.

People think that writing an article everyday is a must, whereas I beleive it just varies from blog to blog.There is no need of writing posts all the day.You hav to write two or three posts weekly,but all the posts should be written in simple language and should be done by yourself.If your blog is a personel one then wrting posts all day should be good.In that case it just doesn’t matter you can say what ever you want. But if your blog is particularly a Make Money Online blog or related to Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing, there is no must of writing everyday.

Also you have to include links of prevoious articles written in your blog which is related to the current article. But there is something you can do to make it just as good. If you keep blogging about Make money online, a time will come when you will run out of content, so a better approach would be to choose at least 5 categories related to your blog and write in turns for each of them, or maybe even favoring one off the other depending on the conditions.
Be sure to write at least twice a week, so that your readers don’t get the image that the blog is too much out-dated.Updation of the blog at regular intervals give you some good impressions by the readers and the search engines.

The quality and quantity of your articles should be based upon this:
“The lesser you write, make sure the quality of the article is just as much to cover up any gap.”
The more delay you put in make sure the quality of the next article be just as good. Your articles should leave the readers asking for more, that is all that matters to help maintain a proper balance in articles.

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