Oct 2, 2008

M.G.University Examination Timetables announced

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Last day M.G.University announced the timetables for the B.Tech exams,November 2008.According to the reports the exam will start from October last week.

The proposed exam dates for B.Tech 5th semster are october 30th,nov 3,nov 7,nov 11,nov 14 ,and nov 19.The dates for other semesters will be published shortly.Any changes on dates will be published by University on newspapers.

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Abilash said...

this is too bad...about the exams..
u got any 8085 programs? can u put it on the blog so that we can download?

Abey said...

i will try to include 8085 microprocessor programs also..Thanks for your suggestions..

Anonymous said...

what about reviewed dates???????
heard that exam will stars on 12th

Abey said...

exam date changed to november 6th....best wishes for you all..

Anonymous said...

when does the btech 2nd year exam starts?

Abey said...

its also onthis blog...plz visit


Akhil said...

Any idea abt B.tech 1st yr exam timetable??? ( MG university)

Anonymous said...

I heard that s5 exams have been postponted to nov-6th ..Is it right??Can u plz tell me the truth.

Anonymous said...

when the fuck is the exm starts for btech 3rd and 5th sem??????

Anonymous said...

any idea abt bsc 2nd year subsidiary xam dates????

Namitha said...

when the practical exam for 3rd semester start?

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